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hawkerhawk‧er /ˈhɔːkə $ ˈhɒːkər/ noun [countable]  BOSELLsomeone who carries goods from place to place and tries to sell them
Examples from the Corpus
hawkerBoth men wore garlands of wild jasmine, sold to them by child hawkers who worked the front of the Continental.The fish hawkers on the beach stalls opposite sell plaice still flapping, straight out of the sea.Licensed hawkers were circulating, braying the merits of spiced sausages containing only real animal protein - so they claimed.With many commuters now spending four hours a day on the road, newspaper hawkers are doing a roaring trade.A familiar street hawker, usually shifting lighters at two for a pound was offering three for a pound.You ought to have instructed your attorney to bring an action against the hawker for criminal conversation with your wife.The bug had even bitten the hawkers.The hawkers had also been systemized.
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