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haylofthay‧loft /ˈheɪlɒft $ -lɒːft/ noun [countable]  TATBBthe top part of a farm building where hay is stored
Examples from the Corpus
hayloftThe stone barn over here is to have stabling for two horses, a harness room and a hayloft above.I can see the black-backed notebooks, stuffed down between the sacks like something lost in a hayloft.Jess elbowed through the crowd, aiming for the opposite side of the barn where a ladder led to a hayloft.From his hayloft at the top of the barn, he can not believe what he sees.Stephen was reading a book by candlelight in the hayloft of the barn when he heard them.Even from his perch in the hayloft, he can see that this hide will be free from cuts and nicks.He is high up in the hayloft when five of the men come in leading the old bull.Up in the hayloft, he is trying to keep as still as he can.
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