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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhazardoushaz‧ard‧ous /ˈhæzədəs $ -zər-/ ●○○ adjective  dangerous, especially to people’s health or safetyhazardous to The chemicals in paint can be hazardous to health. the disposal of hazardous wastesee thesaurus at dangerous, harmful
Examples from the Corpus
hazardousAll of us knew that the expedition was likely to be extremely hazardous.Was the hazardous code of the duel a greater injustice than the unfairness of the law?Since hazardous jobs represent a small part of total employment, these workers are unrepresentative of the general population.Bush also proposed raising $ 75 million with new user fees for hazardous material shippers and owners of pipelines and railroads.The building is now unoccupied, and all radioactive or hazardous materials have been removed.The hazardous nature of this undertaking is not in dispute.a hazardous occupationBeing the President's bodyguard is obviously a hazardous occupation.Employees who were exposed to hazardous substances are now claiming compensation.Lead is one of the most hazardous substances known, causing cancer and nerve damage.There are also other consents which are required, for example, before introducing hazardous substances.This, though less hazardous than the rape of Persephone, was perilous enough to satisfy the most ambitious.But there are things that individuals, organizations, and governments have learned to do to make life less hazardous there.In 1820, a voyage to Australia was a hazardous undertaking.We need better regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous waste along public roads.hazardous wasteAbout 2 million tonnes of that is hazardous wastes.In 1988-89, the second report of the Environment Select Committee was on toxic and hazardous waste.In terms of databases on hazardous wastes, attention has already been drawn to the waste disposal plans prepared by WRAs.The software is specially designed for surveys, hazardous waste investigations, industrial hygiene applications and leak detection.The treatment of hazardous waste is particularly expensive and needs especially sophisticated equipment.We should reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is produced when making products - often useful products - for the market.For any hazardous wastes, that means pre-treatment where necessary.As a result, the tendency for waste - especially hazardous waste - to cross borders is especially marked.
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