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hazelha‧zel1 /ˈheɪzəl/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]HBP a small tree that produces nuts2 [uncountable] the green-brown colour of some people’s eyes
Examples from the Corpus
hazelChunks of oak, ash, alder, beech, sycamore and hazel lay here and there, awaiting their miracles.Freshly cut hazel can throw out branches 3m long in a season.One of the males used a length of cut hazel to pole the craft out of the willow wood and into clear water.The fourth section is the Kitchen Garden with an avenue of Ballerina fruit trees, trained cherries and golden-leaved hazels.And the opening arms of the sky forget me Into the buried tunnel of hazels.Small wonder that hazel was viewed as a magical tree with protective powers.For very oily skin or acne, you could use a more astringent base such as witch hazel.The messenger departed in search of witch hazel for his neck, leaving Blondel even more despondent than before.
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hazelhazel2 adjective  CChazel eyes are a green-brown colour
Examples from the Corpus
hazelBig, hazel eyes and cold, blue ones.Those hazel eyes, both dreamy and world-weary.He had small shrewd hazel eyes that as a rule missed nothing.Once again this autumn, I lost the race with the squirrels to harvest the hazel nuts.I use hazel stakes, cut in the autumn after the sap has receded.There was a grey squirrel nipping up and down a hazel tree near the stream.
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