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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhazyhaz‧y /ˈheɪzi/ adjective  1 CLEAR/EASY TO SEE#air that is hazy is not clear because there is a lot of smoke, dust, or mist in it hazy sunshine2 EXACTan idea, memory etc that is hazy is not clear or exact syn vague My memories of the holiday are rather hazy.hazy about She was a little hazy about the details.hazily adverbhaziness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
hazyGreg's memory of the accident is a little hazy.In the distance over the autobahn it was becoming hazy.Temperatures again have been in the 80s, and the humidity makes the hills look hazy.The details are still a little hazy.The origins of the word are a little hazy.The view to the west was hazy.After that she stood in a hazy dream, listening to the words that made them husband and wife.Mercifully, this scene is set in some distant hazy future.She had a hazy recollection of being carried out of the room.It was a cold day, but a hazy sun kept breaking through.For a few moments the clouds open and we lie in the heat of a hazy sun, our efforts justly rewarded.Sunny but hazy weather is predicted for the weekend.The room was hazy with smoke.hazy aboutAt City Hall, officials were hazy about the details.
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