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head of cattle/sheep etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhead of cattle/sheep etchead of cattle/sheep etc[plural] a particular number of cows, sheep etc a farm with 20 head of cattle head
Examples from the Corpus
head of cattle/sheep etcThe tribe typically runs about 17,000 head of cattle on its ranges, but the numbers are dwindling.Of the nearly 18,000 head of cattle imported through Colombo in 1901, over sixty percent were immediately sent to the slaughterhouse.Three raids alone in 1736 led to the loss of 1,026 head of cattle.During the 1880s the Scandinavian countries sent an average 106,244 head of cattle to Britain every year.We met one nomad driving 40 head of cattle in the baking sun, hours from the nearest village.He now clears just what he needs to support crops and a few head of cattle.
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