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head of water/steam

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhead of water/steamhead of water/steamTPpressure that is made when water or steam is kept in an enclosed space head
Examples from the Corpus
head of water/steamBut there is already a head of steam in parliament to make the proposed voluntary takeover code legally binding.And he's just getting a head of steam.By 1921 indeed frustration with coalition was building up such a head of steam as seriously to threaten its future.The Siporax is only half submerged, so that a head of water never covers the biological media.His friends viewed the affair with interest as it gathered a fair head of steam.The bull market in bonds finally lost its head of steam.Para Handy raises a new head of steam Nan Spowart reports on the re-creation of a West coast legend.A big crowd started to gather as Greg got on a real head of steam.
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