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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhead-onˌhead-ˈon adverb  1 crash/collide/smash etc head-on2 DETERMINEDif someone deals with a problem head-on, they do not try to avoid it, but deal with it in a direct and determined wayface/tackle/meet something head-on The police are trying to tackle car crime head-on.3 if two people or teams meet head-on in an argument, competition etc, they compete against each other and try to win in a very determined wayhead-on adjective a head-on collision
Examples from the Corpus
head-onEven companies that had family policies did not address the ethical issues head-on.On Christmas Day, he met the opposition head-on.They flow around events rather than meeting them head-on.We are conscious of the issue and we have developed policies which address it head-on.This was a very different impact, head-on against all but stationary horsemen, solid in their ranks and having seen the approach.They are being tackled head-on both in the popular press and Communist Party theoretical journals.The amalgamation has also helped Marsden tackle head-on the problem of cutting internal overheads.The cab control car of a commuter train being pushed from the rear collided head-on with an Amtrak diesel locomotive.head-on collisionHe saw no prospect of avoiding for long a head-on collision.On a treacherous curve, both vehicles went out of control and met in a head-on collision.Those who travel the road regularly say their biggest fear is head-on collisions.The Budget also marked a head-on collision between Conservative Party election promises and the real world, however.There was evidentially speaking a head-on collision between the appellant and the principal prosecution witness.They included provisions designed to prevent head-on collisions, like those at Bellgrove and later at Newton.A 3-month-old boy died after a head-on collision near Burford.A head-on collision with a pair of black salt-stained leather boots.
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