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headboardhead‧board /ˈhedbɔːd $ -bɔːrd/ noun [countable]  DHFthe upright board at the end of a bed where your head is
Examples from the Corpus
headboardOr make one using a headboard kit from Cover Up and cover it with fabric.A commemorative headboard will be carried featuring the Taunton 150 logo and the train leaves Bishops Lydeard at 19.15.Strangely, one of the spars from the bed's headboard seemed to be missing.Translation: Are there leaky faucets, shaky headboards, running toilets and creaky floors?Mike seemed to be sitting in bed with his head cocked back against the headboard.Even the headboard, there in the middle.I slid down in my bed, my hair fanning out over the headboard like a thick black fringe.Mattie had a king-sized bed with a padded blue velvet headboard.
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