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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadgearhead‧gear /ˈhedɡɪə $ -ɡɪr/ noun [uncountable]  CLOTHEShats and other things that you wear on your head
Examples from the Corpus
headgearThe inquest heard Mrs Weaver was an experienced horsewoman with the correct protective clothing and headgear.From their point of view, the most reasonable way to interpret these strange articles was to regard them as headgear.It's time to resurrect them as headgear.I took blows to the face, my headgear awry.In terms of clothing, felt was typically employed in the manufacture of protective headgear and stockings.Chin-cloths were usually removed before the fitting of the headgear, the tapes of the latter producing the same effect.Mr Lewis introduced me to Rufus Monk, who vaguely helped with the headgear and gloves.The headgear was so tight around the forehead that my brain began to ache, but the ear flaps dangled.
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