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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadlesshead‧less /ˈhedləs/ adjective  1 HBMwithout a head a headless corpse2 run around like a headless chicken
Examples from the Corpus
headlessReminds me of that headless bride back behind Sweet Home.Strandli was a headless chicken but went close once.The arcade section is hideous, featuring computer-controlled players running around like headless chickens and never attempting a tackle.The Quay at Devizes is quite a bustle, the headless chickens are definitely in on the act here.Then he released the headless cockerel.The lead broke off neatly, leaving a kind of headless cone, a wooden volcano.Excavators found headless Goddess figurines, squatting in birth postures.Below her a gigantic cat head also dozes, while a furtive, headless male figure hurries off to the left.
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