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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadlonghead‧long /ˈhedlɒŋ $ -lɒːŋ/ adverb  1 rush/plunge headlong into something2 FALLDOWNwith your head first and the rest of your body following syn headfirst I fell headlong into a pool of icy water.3 FAST/QUICKvery quickly, without looking where you are going Mortimer almost ran headlong into a patrol.headlong adjective
Examples from the Corpus
headlongSettlers rushed headlong across the wilderness to claim the best land.If your battle plan is to charge headlong at the enemy and engage him as soon as possible chariots are ideal.On 26 April the parties to litigation will be thrown headlong into a new landscape.This did not mean she was prepared to throw herself headlong into a relationship with the first half-decent male who happened by.But men are more likely than women to actually throw themselves headlong into romance and be swept away.McGuire slid headlong into second base.Instead the company is jumping headlong into the commercial satellite business.He stood just within the room, looking steadily at the Princess, and went headlong where his genius pointed him.ran headlong intoShe ran headlong into a woman.
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