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headmasterhead‧mas‧ter /ˌhedˈmɑːstə $ ˈhedˌmæstər/ ●○○ noun [countable] British English  SESa male teacher who is in charge of a school syn head teacher, principal American English
Examples from the Corpus
headmasterShe came across the campus, strolling easily, accompanied by headmaster Richard Fitzgerald.There they met headmaster Frank Boyden, who enlisted them in his efforts to beautify the town surrounding the private school.Mr Smith, a Northampton headmaster, has been involved in bringing hundreds of refugees to Britain from the Yugoslav war zone.Perhaps the headmaster had been able to reassure her in ways that were not open to Robert.A confrontation developed and the aggrieved boy decided to take the matter to the headmaster.The headmaster walked him across to his hotel and he was alone till evening.They now tried a boarding-school at Sandroyd in Surrey where one of the two headmasters was the brother of Mrs Ramsey.
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