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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_151_aheadsethead‧set /ˈhedset/ noun [countable]  ldoce_151.png TCNa set of headphones, often with a microphone attached
Examples from the Corpus
headsetDay after day, skilled linguists don headsets and listen to the stolen conversations of foreign leaders in more than 100 languages.Then, collecting her thoughts, shutting out all sound save that in her headset, she began to take down the message.Tabitha's headset suddenly locked into an ambient channel and began to tinkle with tinny salsa.Unfortunately, co-workers sometimes get more than they bargained for with stereo headsets.Coiled cords ran from their headsets to the pile of radio gear on the deck in front of them.Engineers with goggles on their headsets and drones hovering at their heels.In fact, at 190 grams, this headset weighs much less than the traditional line of Stax units.We sat in our seats like airline passengers watching the in-flight movie without headsets.
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