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headshiphead‧ship /ˈhedʃɪp/ noun [countable]  1 IN CHARGE OFthe position of being in charge of an organization2 British EnglishSES the job of being in charge of a school
Examples from the Corpus
headshipThe number of deputy headship vacancies also rose, from 2,132 to 2,417.This is obviously where the lack of leadership skills and abuse of headship most frequently surfaces.The problem of wife abuse is not one of feminism, secular humanism or a lack of headship in the home.But the report said few secondary schools advertised at less than £60,000, and primary headships had broken through the £50,000 barrier.These, as he entered the headship, were coming together as a mixed voluntary-aided comprehensive high school.Barth believes that the scriptures from Genesis forward imply the headship of man and the subordination of woman.Heads' realization of the headship role tended to fall into four main types.At the time of the election to the Coulson Professorship, the headship will have been filled.
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