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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadstronghead‧strong /ˈhedstrɒŋ $ -strɒːŋ/ adjective  STUBBORNvery determined to do what you want, even when other people advise you not to do itsee thesaurus at determined
Examples from the Corpus
headstrongEleanor, on the other hand, was said to be beautiful and lively; she was certainly headstrong and indiscreet.Suzie was headstrong, and sometimes thoughtless of other people's feelings.He was energetic, headstrong, and unorthodox-and he had compelling reasons for reducing the ruinously expensive Soviet nuclear arsenal.a headstrong childBut it all seemed very appropriate and didn't seem like a headstrong, desperate manoeuvre in any sense.How did one stop a person like Harriet, headstrong, independent, beholden to no one?Leo's parents soon found that they were completely unable to control their headstrong son.He is surprised at how headstrong, spoiled rotten, and needful of training and discipline I have become during his absence.
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