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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadwayhead‧way /ˈhedweɪ/ noun   make headway
Examples from the Corpus
headwayWe turned into Dwyer Street and I still hadn't made any headway.Finally, he grants Bennett access to his old papers, but Bennett can make little headway with them.This option largely failed to make headway for many of the basic theoretical reasons that were outlined in Chapter 2.In three sensitive areas-tax administration, education and pensions-Jospin found it impossible to make headway.The ship had trouble making headway because of the storms.However, on this conclusion, Keynes made no headway.Given newspapers to read, he could make no headway because everything, every headline, opened out to widening associations.They could make no headway against such a cyclone, and ran back down the slope to the cover of the woods.I note that you've made some headway towards solving things on the technical front.
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