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headwindhead‧wind /ˈhedˌwɪnd/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DNHEMa wind that blows directly towards you when you are moving opp tailwind
Examples from the Corpus
headwindHe ran 10.03 seconds into a headwind.However, Oxford's longer reach, excellent rhythm and exceptional fitness could prove decisive in the predicted headwind.At that point, even a 3,000-mile plane ride home into relentless headwinds almost seemed preferable to Vancouver.They found their way inside the collar of my coat as I trekked along Dudhope Terrace against a strong headwind.Sunny conditions in temperatures below zero can suddenly turn to biting conditions in a strong headwind.When driving at speed, the engineers noted that headwinds and crosswinds caused the blades to lift off the windscreen.The first two left the ground at almost the same instant and climbed easily with the help of the headwind.
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