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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadyhead‧y /ˈhedi/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 STRONG TASTE OR SMELLa heady smell, drink etc is pleasantly strong and seems to affect you strongly a heady combination of wine and brandy2 EXCITEDvery exciting in a way that makes you feel as if you can do anything you want to the heady atmosphere of the early sixties
Examples from the Corpus
headyDiane loved the blossoms and the heady aroma of the wild rose bush.a heady aromaThe wine was making her heady, but she let him refill her glass.You kids must miss an awful lot in your eagerness to sip the heady cup of life, as your grandfather used to say.He often wished he could relive the heady days of his youth.Served rare, the meat of squab is a heady delicacy, both earthy and elegant.the heady excitement of being in loveHis task, one of unending and heady excitement, was now well and truly under way!It is a heady, exhilarating feeling, and I love it.He was filled with a heady longing for the office and Mr Chand to accept him; to let him stay.This is a heady prospect, the more so during a recession.A heady scent of jasmine hung in the summer air.This is all pretty heady stuff.the heady years of fame
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