Language: Old English
Origin: hælth, from hal; WHOLE1


health S1 W1 [uncountable]
1 the general condition of your body and how healthy you areCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
damage your health improve your health good/excellent health poor/ill health failing health (=when someone is becoming more ill) be in good/excellent/the best of health be in poor health be good/bad for your health somebody's state of health mental health health care health problem health benefits (of something) health risk/hazard (=something that could damage your health) health warning (=a warning printed on a product that can harm you)
I'm worried about my husband's health.
Smoking can seriously damage your health.
things that can be done to improve the health of older people
I have always enjoyed good health.
Sara had to leave her job due to ill health.
He is 75 and in poor health.
A low-fat diet is better for your health.
The type of vitamin needed depends on the state of health of the individual.
a young man with mental health problems
the health benefits of doing yoga
Air pollution is a serious health hazard.
! Do not say that something is 'good for health' or 'bad for health'. Say that it is good for your health or bad for your health.
2 the work of providing medical services to keep people healthy:
The government has promised to spend more on health and education.
health insurance
nurses and other health workers
public health
3 when you have no illness or disease:
Even if you haven't got much money, at least you've got your health.
When we last met, he was glowing with health (=was clearly very healthy).
4 how successful something such as a business, an organization, or a country's economy is:
The monthly trade figures are seen as an indicator of the health of the economy.

➔ a clean bill of health

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