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Health and Safety Executive, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishHealth and Safety Executive, thethe Health and Safety ExecutiveˌHealth and ˈSafety Exˌecutive, the (abbrev. HSE)  a British government organization that gives advice to companies about health and safety, and makes rules to prevent workers from being injured or becoming ill at work compare OSHAFrom Longman Business DictionaryHealth and Safety ExecutiveˌHealth and ˈSafety Exˌecutive [singular] a government organization in Britain that controls the risks to people’s health and safety from work activitiesThe Health and Safety Executive has published three free guidance leaflets for chemical manufacturers. compare Occupational Safety and Health Administration executiveHealth and Safety ExecutiveˌHealth and ˈSafety Exˌecutive abbreviation HSE noun HUMAN RESOURCES the official British government organization that makes sure that companies are using safe methods of production etc
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