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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhealthfulhealth‧ful /ˈhelθfəl/ adjective formal  HEALTHYlikely to make you healthy healthful mountain air
Examples from the Corpus
healthfulChicken soup had the lore of being healthful, a strength builder.Make sure he is occupied in healthful activities and does not spend a great deal of time by himself.Our research group found that consumers want healthful food based on vegetables not meat products.Travel surveys often sound as suspect as medical breakthroughs: Apples are the most healthful food.Social welfare advocates are looking for new ways to make healthful, fresh food available to poor families at affordable prices.If fried chicken could have a more healthful image, it was achieved here.Final tally: a tasty, reasonably healthful lunch, served quickly in an attractive setting.The American breakfast is getting more healthful, with whole-grain breads and high-fiber cereals.
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