health‧y S3 W3 comparative healthier, superlative healthiest


physically strong and not likely to become ill or weak:
a healthy baby boy
I've always been perfectly healthy until now.

good for your body

good for your body:
a healthy lifestyle
the importance of healthy eating

showing good health

showing that you are healthy:
Her face had a healthy glow.
All of our kids have healthy appetites (=they like to eat a lot).


used to describe an attitude, feeling, or behaviour that is natural, normal, and sensible:
I don't think it's healthy for her to spend so much time alone.
healthy respect/disrespect/scepticism etc
a healthy disrespect for silly regulations

company/relationship etc

a healthy company, society, relationship, economy etc is working effectively and successfully:
a healthy economy with a well-trained workforce


large and showing that someone is successful - used about amounts of money:
a healthy profit
a healthy bank balance
healthily adverb
healthiness noun [uncountable]

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