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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheapedheaped /hiːpt/ British English, heaping /hiːpɪŋ/ American English adjective   heaped teaspoon/tablespoon etc
Examples from the Corpus
heapedThe waitress showed with my heaped and steaming plate.The youngest dead had the most flowers, heaped chrysanthemums in plastic coats fringing the oval photograph.Unselfconscious of his near-nakedness, he reached down to his carelessly heaped clothing and extracted his shirt from it.Motamid heaped gifts upon him, gold and jewels and rich silks.He made a simple crib for the baby, and heaped praise on Sien whenever she acted maternally.They also heaped praise on the police for the investigation which eventually caught the three.She spooned four heaped spoonfuls of sugar into it and some condensed milk and sat at the kitchen table.
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