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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishheapsheapsinformalLOT/VERY MUCH a lot of somethingheaps of The children have heaps of energy.heaps better/bigger etc (=much better, bigger etc) heap
Examples from the Corpus
heap ofThere will be heaps of praise for the late David Brower, who died last November.Heap leaching uses chemical solutions to dissolve gold from heaps of crushed ore.That does not include heaps of smaller arms and ammunition.Here there were piles of newspapers, heaps of books, manuscripts, labels, rubber stamps, envelopes.The front doors did not close properly. Heaps of garbage littered the grounds.Do, do, do, do try and come home for the season. Heaps of love from, Madeleine.Beneath were heaps of dry leaves, enough to cover many men.A lively, bustling place with heaps of atmosphere.
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