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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheartacheheart‧ache /ˈhɑːteɪk $ ˈhɑːrt-/ noun [uncountable]  SAD/UNHAPPYa strong feeling of great sadness and anxiety
Examples from the Corpus
heartacheBut grandparents nationwide are turning grief and heartache into advocacy and action.The torment and heartache he suffers will be terrible.The bouncing baby grandson - George's first - will do much to ease his heartache.Her relationship with Tyler had brought her a great deal of heartache.If she had simply called them, her parents would have been spared a lot of heartache.The whole thing has taken four years of heartache and worry.Being unpopular at school can cause real heartache to children of any age.I could have found a lot of other ways to make money and not have the heartache.A long, painful journey has led them to this point, one filled with heartache and sorrow.It filed him with heartache and pity that he and Antonina had not blended better.
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