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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheartbreakheart‧break /ˈhɑːtbreɪk $ ˈhɑːrt-/ noun [uncountable]  SAD/UNHAPPYgreat sadness or disappointment
Examples from the Corpus
heartbreakFor some, the news carried heartbreak.Others might have shown some sadness, regret or even heartbreak.But it was the scene of my first heartbreak.For the owner, it can mean heartbreak at the loss of a family pet.With hindsight it would have saved a lot of heartbreak if he had looked the other way.He passed on heartbreak and sorrow, a legacy Bill had to work to overcome.Whether voicing joyful exuberance or piercing heartbreak, she wrings all passion from the moment.I talk about a rash on my arm that looks like an allergic reaction but is in fact the heartbreak of psoriasis.I still remember the heartbreak of watching my dad suffer from lung cancer.
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