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heated argument/debate/discussion etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheated argument/debate/discussion etcheated argument/debate/discussion etcARGUEANGRYan argument etc that is full of angry and excited feelings heated
Examples from the Corpus
heated argument/debate/discussion etcNo presidential policy is so controversial that it provokes heated debate.Witnesses have already given descriptions of the pair who were seen having what appeared to be a heated argument.It got off to a hairy start with several heated discussions about what a wild boar is.There was heated argument at the meeting, with strongly differing views advanced.There was a heated argument between the two men which at length it fell to Branson to settle.After fifteen months of heated debate, Billingham was abandoned.Since 1980, a balanced-budget amendment has been the focus of heated debate in congressional committees and on the floor.After a short heated argument, the inspector agreed to pay the costs in cash from his local station funds.
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