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heaterheat‧er /ˈhiːtə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  TPHOTa machine for making air or water hotter Did you turn the heater off?
Examples from the Corpus
heaterBut would you sleep better, knowing your wife had her heater under her pillow?Never hang clothes on a dryer in front of a fire or an open heater.Consumers can benefit because the heaters then use more of the cheaper off-peak electricity, and less of the expensive kind.The operating control is actually opening the water valve and allowing hot water to enter the heater matrix.These had probably been caused as Trixie tried to pull away from the heater.Use the type with elements installed in glass, and avoid the chrome trimmed heaters.The setting is more precise with horizontal heaters; you may need to experiment with vertical heaters.The refrigerator hummed and the water heater gurgled, but otherwise the house was still.
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