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heatingheat‧ing /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ ●●○ S3 noun [uncountable]  especially British EnglishTPHOT a system for making a room or building warm syn heat American English central heatingCOLLOCATIONSverbshave heatingThe house didn't have any heating when we moved in.have the heating on (=use the heating)It's getting colder, but we haven't had the heating on yet.leave the heating on (=continue to use the heating)I don't like to leave the heating on at night.put/switch/turn the heating onWhy don't you put the heating on if you're cold?switch/turn the heating offWe turn the heating off before bed.turn the heating down/upCan you turn the heating down a bit?the heating comes onThe heating comes on at six.the heating goes offThe heating goes off automatically when the room is warm enough.adjectivessolar heating (=heating powered by the sun)They've installed solar heating in the new house.underfloor heatingUnderfloor heating is popular in bathrooms.heating + NOUNa heating systemThe gas leak was caused by a faulty heating system.
Examples from the Corpus
heatingNoise, lighting and heating should be carefully examined and measurements taken if problems are identified.He fired up the gas logs to supplement the background heating and they sat on the Chesterfield.She went round to Liese's instead, where there was central heating.Extra heating may also be required to offset pain, discomfort or poor circulation.Not that home heating fuels were a better option.To be comfortable year round, the conservatory will require some form of heating.Even on long journeys early trains had no corridors, lavatories, dining cars or heating.In the summer, open windows and in the winter, turn on the heating so it is warm and welcoming.the heating and air conditioning system
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