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heavenheav‧en /ˈhevən/ ●●● S3 W3 noun 🔊 🔊 1 place of god (also Heaven) [singular]RR the place where God is believed to live and where good people are believed to go when they dieparadisein heaven 🔊 He believed that he and his wife would one day be together again in heaven.2 enjoyable situation [uncountable] informalGOOD/EXCELLENT an extremely enjoyable situation or place syn paradise 🔊 Sitting by the pool with a good book is my idea of heaven.in heaven 🔊 Put a baseball in his hand and he’s in heaven. 🔊 Living on the farm for Jim was heaven on earth.a match/marriage made in heaven (=a happy and successful marriage)SPOKEN PHRASES3 for heaven’s sake4 heaven (only) knows5 heaven help somebody6 heaven forbid7 what/how/why etc in heaven’s name8 the heavens9 move heaven and earth be in seventh heaven at seventh1(2), → thank heaven(s) at thank(2)
Examples from the Corpus
heavenWell the sun is blazing down from the clear blue heavens.It's the most extraordinary place - both heaven and hell simultaneously.I used to think I had died and gone to rank-and-file heaven.The new kitchen is heaven compared to the old one.in heavenStar Trek fans were in heaven today at the Science Fiction Convention.a match/marriage made in heavenIt was a marriage made in heaven that seemed to deteriorate to hell in a hurry.Her friends all thought that theirs was a match made in heaven, the union of two gilded human beings.