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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheavilyheav‧ily /ˈhevəli/ ●●○ W3 adverb  1 LOT/VERY MUCHin large amounts, to a high degree, or with great severity syn very I became heavily involved in politics. The report was heavily criticized in the press. a heavily populated area thousands of heavily armed troops His wife was heavily pregnant at the time.it rains/snows heavily It’s been raining heavily all day.drink/smoke heavily Paul was drinking heavily by then.heavily dependent/reliant/influenced Britain is heavily dependent on imports for its raw materials.2 sleep heavily3 breathe heavily4 heavily built5 SAD/UNHAPPYBORINGif you do or say something heavily, you do it slowly and with a lot of effort, especially because you are sad or bored He was walking heavily, his head down. Emily sighed heavily. ‘I suppose so, ’ she said heavily.6 be heavily into something
Examples from the Corpus
heavilyIt's been raining heavily all day.The people in that car had all been drinking heavily, and one of the passengers in the car had passed out.Fifty houses were heavily damaged in the hurricane.Our software is heavily date-dependent.The southern region is heavily dependent on tourism.Joe slept heavily for eight hours.Upper classes are often heavily loaded with current world affairs and the complicated workings of the United Nations and its agencies.The success of such programmes depends heavily on how much part their recipients have in their design and execution.It is important to know whether this will impinge heavily on the poor.In too many instances in the past the interests of beauty have been heavily outweighed by commercial considerations.The air is heavily polluted.The need to understand design is often heavily stressed during conversations or articles about desktop publishing.heavily dependent/reliant/influencedDetailed statistics are not available for the inner city itself, but overall black totals are heavily influenced by ghetto conditions.The number of errors is heavily influenced by motivation of the staff.These expectations will usually be heavily influenced by past profits, but they are not the only consideration.Once again the nature of these devices and their complexity will be heavily influenced by the publication's audience.Check the fashion student who has obviously been far too heavily influenced by the recent Abba revival - Benny goes porno!Britainis particularly vulnerable to a financial crisis since it is heavily reliant on the profits of speculation.A failing of systems such as Jelinek's is that they are heavily dependent on the size of lexicon used.Right: the Op Art movement heavily influenced textile design.
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