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heavy silence/atmosphere

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheavy silence/atmosphereheavy silence/atmosphereQUIETa situation in which people do not speak and feel sad, anxious, or embarrassed A heavy silence fell upon the room. heavy
Examples from the Corpus
heavy silence/atmosphereMost unwillingly they went and stood before the hero in heavy silence.Not a bird, not an insect, not a zephyr relieves that hot, heavy silence.There is sun, heavy silence, a pervasive scent of parched vegetation, a lizard materialized on a rock.He has a ready supply, and despite the heavy atmosphere and flat light it carries us out to Langdale.A heavy silence fell upon the room.For at least two minutes a heavy silence filled the hut.She knew that if she didn't speak Carla would get more and more nervous, eventually breaking the heavy silence herself.A heavy silence sank down on them.
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