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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheckheck1 /hek/ interjection informal  1 ANNOYEMPHASIZEused to show that you are annoyed or to emphasize what you are saying Oh heck! I’ve lost my keys! ‘Do you believe him?’ ‘Heck, no.’2 did he heck/will it heck etc
Examples from the Corpus
heckAw, heck, I can't do this.
heckheck2 noun [singular, uncountable] spoken informal  1 used like ‘hell’ to emphasize what you are saying It cost a heck of a lot of money.where/how/who etc the heck Where the heck are we? He sure as heck didn’t tell me.2 what the heck3 for the heck of it
Examples from the Corpus
heckMatthew Prescott seemed to be taking a heck of a time to open the door.He scared the living heck out of people.I knew it would be a disappointment to Papa, and to Mama, too, and the heck with Uncle Haywood!How the heck do I empty my cache from my Web browser?What the heck was a logging camp doing in the middle of San Pedro canyon and above the Puerto del Sol falls?Where the heck have they been?where/how/who etc the heckJust who the heck is Pete Hellicar anyways?Possibly male as natural in colour, straight and short. How the heck did they get there?Okay uh, where the heck is it?Uh, who the heck is the junior class president?
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