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hectarehec‧tare /ˈhektɑː, -teə $ -ter/ noun [countable] (written abbreviation ha)  TMTAa unit for measuring area, equal to 10,000 square metresacre
Examples from the Corpus
hectareThis suggests that each of the 200,000 hectares developed by 1986 had required almost £200,000 of public expenditure.That includes about 43,000 hectares of replanting and 56,000 hectares of new planting by both private foresters and Forest Enterprise.The average size of these plots was less than 1 hectare in the inner city, but up to 10 hectares at the edges.The refinery's 175 hectares will be replaced by areas of parks and green spaces.They had sublet another 40 hectares because their 52 hectares of valley and mountain holdings still fall well short of their needs.Some were little more than 50 hectares, although the Tyneside zone was over 450 hectares.There are also plans to log 57,500 hectares of ancient forest, containing trees of up to 600 years old.They produced less per hectare and employed fewer people per hectare than small farms.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhectarehec‧tare /ˈhektɑː, -teə-ter/ noun [countable]FARMING a unit for measuring area, equal to 10,000 square metres
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