Language: Old English
Origin: hecg


1 noun
Related topics: Gardening
hedge1 [countable]
1DLGTA a row of small bushes or trees growing close together, usually dividing one field or garden from another
2 something that protects you against possible problems, especially financial loss
hedge against
Buying a house will be a hedge against inflation.

➔ look as if you've been dragged through a hedge backwards

at drag1 (13)
WORD FOCUS: garden WORD FOCUS: garden
parts of a garden: lawn, flowerbed, hedge, patio, rockery, pond, greenhouse, compost heap, kitchen garden

things you do in the garden: cut the grass/mow the lawn, weed the flowerbeds, sow seeds, plant flowers/bushes/trees, water the plants, cut back/prune roses and other bushes, trim the hedge

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