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hedgerowhedge‧row /ˈhedʒrəʊ $ -roʊ/ noun [countable] British English  HBPTTRa line of bushes growing along the edge of a field or road
Examples from the Corpus
hedgerowHe made good use of every piece of newspaper that he could pick up and every convenient hedgerow!The two men fell silent as they cantered their horses between low hedgerows that were bright with the early spears of foxgloves.They listen from the creosote-dark shadows of hedgerow and wood.Although the Government promise action to preserve hedgerows, they have not produced proposals for a hedgerow protection Bill.At the hedgerow, a man held a thumbs-up.Continue and cross the field to gate, keep the hedgerow on the right.Turn left with the hedgerow to your right and cross the field to the woods.
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