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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheftyhef‧ty /ˈhefti/ ●○○ adjective [usually before noun]  1 BIGbig and heavy a tall hefty man a hefty tome (=large thick book) hefty camera equipment2 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTa hefty amount of something, especially money, is very large a hefty fine3 British EnglishSTRONG PERSON a hefty blow, kick etc is done using a lot of force He aimed a hefty kick at the door. a hefty shove
Examples from the Corpus
heftyIvers is a big woman, six feet tall and hefty.hefty admission feesAny insurrection was met by a hefty blow.It was a $350,000 contract, plus hefty bonuses and expenses.Both of Myra's sons were hefty, energetic boys.The other driver received a hefty fine for his role in the accident.If you own sale falls through you may face a hefty interest bill.But if the idea of a hefty loss unnerves you, consider shortening your maturities.The mechanic was a big hefty man who could lift up the front of a truck with his bare hands.All claim to be user-friendly enough so that hefty manuals aren't necessary.Applications software not only brings extra development costs but needs selling, which means hefty marketing and advertising budgets.He gets paid a pretty hefty salary.And, I justify to myself, she worked her butt off to graduate with honors and hefty scholarships.This is a hefty shift away from the traditional model of motherhood, but it generates enormous advantages.a hefty slice of apple piePataki is cutting deeply into spending on Medicaid and welfare in order to pay for hefty tax cuts.
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