Language: Old English
Origin: hiehthu


height S2 W2

how tall

[uncountable and countable] how tall someone or something is:
Sam's about the same height as his sister now.
State your age, height, and weight.
buildings of different heights
6 feet/10 metres etc in height
None of these sculptures was less than three metres in height.
a height of 6 feet/10 metres etc
Sunflowers can grow to a height of fifteen feet.

distance above the ground

[uncountable and countable] the distance something is above the ground:
It's a miracle she didn't break her neck falling from that height.
a height of 2500 feet/10,000 metres etc
The aircraft was flying at a height of 10,000 metres.
gain/lose height (=move higher or lower in the sky)
The plane was rapidly losing height.

high place

a) [countable] a place or position that is a long way above the ground
from a height
a bird that opens shellfish by dropping them from a height onto rocks
Rachel had always been scared of heights.
have a head for heights (=not be afraid of heights)


[plural] a particular high place - used especially in place names:
the Golan Heights

new/great/dizzy etc heights

a) a very high level of achievement or success
rise to/reach etc ... heights
He reached the dizzy heights of the national finals.
They took ice dancing to new heights.
b) a very great level or degree:
War fever had reached new heights.

the height of something

the busiest or most extreme part of a period or activity [= peak]:
the height of the tourist season

be at the height of your success/fame/powers etc

to be more successful, famous etc than at any other time:
The Beatles were at the height of their fame.

be the height of fashion/stupidity/luxury etc

to be extremely fashionable, stupid etc:
Flared trousers were considered to be the height of fashion in those days.

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