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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheiressheir‧ess /ˈeərəs, ˈeəres $ ˈer-/ noun [countable]  SSWa woman who will receive or has received a lot of money or property after the death of an older member of her family
Examples from the Corpus
heiressAnd I suppose you have not chosen to flaunt yourself as an heiress in society.Marrying an heiress was always the quickest way to wealth.A Philadelphia - or is it Chicago? heiress.The cuckolding of heiresses and the wives of great lords was considered the highest form of courtly love.BThe 36 acres of hilltop land were owned by Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress who dabbled in producing avant-garde theater.But Amy was neither a passive heiress nor a passive wife.Pedro's heiress was his eldest surviving daughter Constanza, who married John of Gaunt in September 1371.His first marriage, to heiress Catherine Mellon, ended in divorce, and he reportedly received a $ 7 million settlement.
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