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helicopterhel‧i‧cop‧ter /ˈheləkɒptə $ -kɑːptər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  helicopter.jpg TTAa type of aircraft with large metal blades on top which turn around very quickly to make it fly syn chopper
Examples from the Corpus
helicopterOn the glistening horizon two black dots appeared, separated, and became helicopters roaring low overhead and scattering the distracted fowl.As they came back, Robert's helicopter came into view.The shock of the explosion rocked the helicopter.But the front of the vehicle caught the undercarriage and sent the helicopter shuddering sideways.With the helicopter hovering overhead, he drove for the peak of the leading wave, but then backed off.Commanders naturally depended greatly on their helicopters.And, those helicopters have many residents worried.Two helicopters and several Coast Guard boats searched until midnight without finding anything.
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