Date: 1800-1900
Origin: hollo a shout to call attention (16-19 centuries)


interjection, noun
hel‧lo S1 also hallo, hullo British English [countable]
1 used as a greeting when you see or meet someone:
Hello, John! How are you?
Stanley, come and say hello to your nephew.
Well, hello there! I haven't seen you for ages.
2 used when answering the telephone or starting a telephone conversation:
Hello - may I speak to Anne?
3 used when calling to get someone's attention:
Hello! Is there anybody home?
4 used when you think someone is not acting sensibly or has said something stupid:
You didn't remember her birthday? Hello!
5 British English used to show that you are surprised or confused by something:
Hello! What's happened here?

say hello

to have a quick conversation with someone:
Promise you'll look in and say hello when you have time.

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