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helmsmanhelms‧man /ˈhelmzmən/ noun (plural helmsmen /-mən/) [countable]  TTWsomeone who guides a ship or boat
Examples from the Corpus
helmsmanThirteen thousand of them were commanded by a helmsman who hadn't steered anything without wheels for more than a year.At that, they leaped overboard and instantly were changed into dolphins, all except the good helmsman.When the lifeboat approached he refused the rescue crew's assistance so helmsman Mike Picknett called the police.Yvonne Flatman had been designated the role of temporary helmsman and declared, cheerfully, that she had virtually no steerage way.In his last years as News at Ten helmsman, he became a national joke-figure.Suddenly he asks the helmsman what course is being steered.Terror-stricken, the pirates ordered the helmsman to put in to land.Ensign Erik Neal, stands on the bridge wing and talks to the helmsman on a microphone.
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