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help yourself (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhelp yourself (to something)help yourself (to something)a) to take some of what you want, without asking permission – used especially when offering food to someone Please help yourself to some cake. b) STEAL informal to steal something Obviously he had been helping himself to the money. help
Examples from the Corpus
help yourself (to something)Weary and wet, sustained by blessed tea, we helped each other with the tents.Children may be referred by teachers or parents or may even ask for help themselves.Group members may well help each other by pointing out to another where and what a problem might be.I just couldn't help myself.I mean, you couldn't help yourselves.If you can not help yourself ...And there are things people can do now to help themselves, new things, and newer things.Go ahead and help yourselves to a drink.She helped herself to some money she found lying around.Lily helped herself to the two smallest slices and a generous portion of the crispy brown bubble and squeak.
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