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helpinghelp‧ing /ˈhelpɪŋ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DFFthe amount of food that someone gives you or that you take syn serving a double helping of pie
Examples from the Corpus
helpingI muttered something about helping and followed her out.He held out his bowl for another helping.She took another helping of pie when she thought no one was looking.This makes it much easier to integrate teaching and assessment, as well as helping us to build up a rapport with our trainees.Our newly created marketing team has identified customer requirements in major markets as well as helping us to redevelop our corporate image.Charles Aught has the best working relations with Donne, Roy Chase is the best at helping people, and so on.Pip has found contentment also by helping Herbert with is life by find and paying for him to start a job.The largest national charity helping people with drink, drug and mental health problems.He took a huge helping of potatoes.The Women's Cooperative Guild played a decisive role in helping to secure for Labour the newly-enfranchised female vote.They had turkey and stuffing topped off with large helpings of mashed potatoes.Anyone want a second helping?She had dedicated her life to helping people and animals.