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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhelter-skelterhel‧ter-skel‧ter1 /ˌheltə ˈskeltə $ ˌheltər ˈskeltər/ adverb  FAST/QUICKDISORGANIZEDdone quickly, in a disorganized way He ran helter-skelter down the slope.
Examples from the Corpus
helter-skelterThere were grinning gnomes worked into the iron filigree, running downwards helter-skelter.Then a flaring swish as its propellant ignited, accelerating it helter-skelter accumulating redoubtable kinetic energy.
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helter-skelterhelter-skelter2 noun [countable]  British EnglishDLO a tall structure in a fairground which you sit on at the top and slide round and round to the bottom
Examples from the Corpus
helter-skelterThen gently place the children into the helter-skelter, and make a pile of mats at the bottom.Place one flag in position at the top of the helter-skelter and another at the base to mark the pile of mats.
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