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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhemoglobinhe‧mo‧glo‧bin /ˌhiːməˈɡləʊbɪn $ ˈhiːməˌɡloʊbɪn/ noun [uncountable]  x-refthe American spelling of haemoglobin
Examples from the Corpus
hemoglobinHemoglobin F, or fetal hemoglobin, is composed of two alpha chains and two gamma chains. 214.Glycosylated hemoglobin refers to the specific red cell hemoglobin A types to which a glucose molecule becomes irreversibly attached.Over a period of time changes in hemoglobin and haematocrit levels of the patient are observed.This usually occurs when the drop in hemoglobin or blood volume is acute.Iron deficiency anemia, as evidenced by a high prevalence of low hemoglobin levels, was a widespread problem.The greater the glucose concentration in the plasma, the greater the number of hemoglobin molecules that will become glycosylated.In contrast to hemoglobin F, most hemoglobins will denature in alkaline solution and precipitate upon the addition of ammonium sulfate.
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