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hemphemp /hemp/ noun [uncountable]  HBPMDDa type of plant that is used to make rope and sometimes to produce the drug cannabis
Examples from the Corpus
hempGrowing alternative crops such as short rotation coppice as energy crops and fibre crops such as flax and hemp showed promise.Textile finds across Eurasia from the earlier part of the Neolithic are almost uniformly of plant fibres, particularly flax and hemp.He urged flax and hemp growing as a state policy, and more ploughing of pasture to make work.Originally the rope was made of withies, this material later being replaced by hemp.After all, it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, though sterilized hempseeds may be imported legally.Modern nets are available both in nylon and in hemp - although hemp is going out of fashion.Community members are looking at tribal sovereignty as a way to get around federal prohibitions on hemp.The walls were made of stripped palm fronds, closely woven and tied with hemp to the wooden uprights.
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