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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhencehence /hens/ ●○○ AWL adverb formal  1 [sentence adverb]SO/CONSEQUENTLY for this reason The area was full of black smoke from factories, hence the name "the Black Country."  The cost of transport is a major expense for an industry. Hence factory location is an important consideration.see thesaurus at therefore2 ten days hence/five months hence etc
Examples from the Corpus
henceLet us, in our imagination, look back from five years hence.Naturally that had merely increased Blythe's curiosity, for the public, hence journalists, loved skeletons in cupboards.High interest rates lead to the following problems: They may discourage investment plans and hence long-term growth.In his benevolent aspect he is the source of rain and hence petitioned to alleviate drought, and also to prevent meningitis.Many left no records, hence the difficulty of assessing the importance of charity locally or nationally.Where rainfall is adequate soil is frequently bad: hence the rain-soaked, acid fields in parts of Galicia.In "The Young Slave" the jealous stepmother turns the main character into a slave, hence the story's title.These are protein molecules, which owe their specificity to their amino acid sequence, and hence ultimately to the genes.
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