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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhenceforthhence‧forth /ˌhensˈfɔːθ, ˈhensfɔːθ $ -ɔːrθ/ (also henceforward /ˌhensˈfɔːwəd $ -ˈfɔːrwərd/) adverb formal  AFTERfrom this time on multiple sclerosis (henceforth referred to as MS)
Examples from the Corpus
henceforthThe major, striking and henceforth continuous improvement in these conditions only began to occur after the end of our period.Henceforth, death row inmates will have an automatic right to appeal.Madison henceforth had to settle for ten years of living with an unsatisfactory compromise.Whatever happens henceforth in their lives will be happening to a musician.The finding did seem a divine sign, since henceforth the missions would need no outside support.The official exchange rate, was henceforth to be adjusted weekly in line with the prevailing market rate.
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